Het Sint Rosafestival op een zonnige dag met op de achtergrond de Michaelskerk

Culture and Events

Zuid-Limburg’s versatility is also reflected by the large number of cultural offerings. There are events that occur every year, transforming Zuid-Limburg into a world full of music, theatre and dance.

Annual events

There is something for every taste, from opera to pop and from fine arts to dance festivals. One thing they all have in common: a very special event line-up! Therefore, visiting those events is a much rewarding experience. Have we aroused your interest? Below we have listed a few of the events for you…

Kerststad Valkenburg 2017 1

Christmas in Zuid-Limburg

At the end of the year, Zuid-Limburg turns into the top Christmas region of the Netherlands. Engaging events, enchanting illuminations, Christmas trees, and perhaps even a layer of snow on the Limburg hills…

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