Mistig landschap met kasteel Neubourg te Gulpen

Spa and Wellness

Away from the hustle and bustle

If anything, Zuid-Limburg is the place to make time for yourself. Its natural beauty, many facilities and friendly inhabitants with a genuine interest in others, make this the ideal place to relax and unwind.


The region’s rich religious heritage also creates space for spirituality. And of course, you can also look for the meaning of life without being religious. A treat to yourself in a much demanding world with a lot of obligations. You will feel reborn and ready to return to everyday life.

Spa & wellness treatments

Wellness is comprehensive: from balance between body and mind to body care, from nutrition to spirituality, from unwinding to traveling. Choose for a relaxing sauna visit, a wonderful massage, a treatment with healing herbs or a bath in ‘40,000 years young water’.

Pilgrim’s path in Zuid-Limburg

Did you know that the St. James Way passes through Zuid-Limburg? Whether you want to walk all the way to Santiago de Compostela or just want to make a walk to clear your head, you can walk the pilgrimage path by following the
bleu signs with the scallop.

Walk ‘The Way’ for a day!

In Zuid-Limburg, ‘camini’, is a synonym for a mini-Camino, a very short pilgrimage experience. Experience all of Zuid-Limburg’s 11 mini-Caminos, situated along the St James’ Way and - by means of spiritual quotes and assignments - particularly created for reflection and awareness, just as though you were walking all the way to Santiago.

Religious heritage

Enjoy beautiful frescoes dating back to 1725 and beautiful stained-glass windows from the 20th century. Visit a monastery library or sit down for a moment in the oldest abbey complex in The Netherlands. You don’t need to search long for cultural heritage in Zuid-Limburg. After all, this region is still home to many churches, chapels, monasteries and basilicas. Almost all of them have a Roman-Catholic origin and most of them are still in use. And of course, you cannot miss the hundreds of roadside crosses. 

Let's get inspired!